10 Most Creative Ways People Have Cheated In Video Games

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In this video we’re going to take a look at the various ways people cheat, hack, and troll to get a leg up on their foes. Cheats are especially popular when playing online, but can you ever be truly certain you were cheated?

First, we take a look at Minecraft pitfalls. This trap is excellent for trolling. Next, we take a look at another Minecraft pitfall, though this one involves the use of doors! Switching up the games, we take a look at one of the more mature trolls available. For use in any game that uses spray paints, or territory markers, this one is sure to…

49 Comments on “10 Most Creative Ways People Have Cheated In Video Games”

  1. Dat Skywars staircase trap on Tribute is a classic, yes, but the door one? Come on. Most people just place a block. You have to be braindead to fall for a door placed like that.
    The spray paint one… meh. Funny troll, but not at all what I'd describe as cheating. If you die from this one you know it's 100% your own fault for getting distracted.
    Pokemon go: just go to a place with bad GPS coverage like an underground garage and the location system will go so haywire it gives you free kilometers. I know someone who even had that happening in their own house.
    Goldeneye 007: Wait, you mention this game without mentioning using Oddjob in multiplayer? That bastard was a head shorter than the other characters, making him the only one for which you needed to precision-aim down to hit him!
    Mario Kart: Come now. These shortcuts were a specific design feature. You can't count that. In fact they showed those methods (yes, including the rainbow road one) in several released trailer videos promoting the console.
    CS: yeah, I remember all the aimbots and wallhacks, lol.
    Spawn camping is a time-honored tradition both in multiplay and singleplay. Loads of speedruns of singleplayer games are based on knowing exactly when an enemy will appear at a certain location, which is pretty similar in concept to spawn camping.

  2. Let's see here…
    1) Neither of those are cheating in any way, shape, or form. It's laying a trap. While we're at it, why not put a pressure plate on some tnt? Top tier cheat. Never mind any of the see-through-wall hacks prevalent on many servers
    2) Really wouldn't call this cheating either. It's just taking advantage of the enemy's stupidity and lack of situational awareness. Though I guess at least there's a little abuse of the spray system
    3) This is actually cheating that required somebody to think creatively. Good job!
    4) That's pretty obviously a hack/mod. The n64 one is probably project 64, the new super mario bros on DS is an action replay (more traditional cheat device), and on wii is probably the homebrew channel
    5) The in-game cheat menu wasn't much of a secret, and though it is technically cheats, it's far from creative.
    6)The koopa beach shortcut was intentional, not cheating. There were cheaty shortcuts involving abusing lakitu, but you failed to bring any mention to them
    7) I guess I'll count this. Just saying "hacking counterstrike" is pretty vague and cheaty yourself, though
    8) Creative, and on the verge of being a cheat. I'll count it.
    9) "This one isn't really a cheat" then why put it on the list? Also, that's not "mastering the spawns", that's called "spawn camping"
    …wait, did they really count both of those minecraft trolls as separate numbers? Congrats, TheGame, you made a countdown of 2 creative cheats, a couple hacks, and then whatever other bullshit you felt like throwing in while mispronouncing gaming's number one icon and getting the name of an overwatch character completely wrong.

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