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  1. I love my Firebird, but THANKS FOR BACKING ME UP ON THE BOTTLE CAGE! It's literally my only gripe about the bike. My Firebird has been my daily driver since April. It's amazing.

  2. Nice review bro. I'm Considering either the Intense Tracer or this; leaning more to the Firebird though haha. I'm 5'9, which size you think I should get? Medium? Thanks

  3. The bottombracket is threaded why isn't the headset cuz it should be. I'd rather pay to replace bearings years down the road then replacing a switch Infiniti link every 3 to 6 months.

  4. When you cut to the ride part of your video I immediately recognized every turn and root you were hitting. That's my backyard! I was really considering the Switchblade but the Firebird may be the way to go. Sadly, there isn't a Pivot dealer in Santa Cruz and I'd have to go all the way to central San Jose to find one – and I'm not even sure if they have demos available. Where are you located and do you know anywhere in the bay area that demos them?

  5. First of all: I really like your channel – keep up the great work! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Second: Could you compare the climbing/pedaling of the Firebird (so sexy) to a Santa Cruz Bronson (or similar bike) by chance? Would really appreciate it!

  6. Does it pedal as well as the Yeti SB6?
    Does the firebird have good mid stroke support? Does this bike make you feel more on top or "in" the bike?
    Thanks. Great video with lots of good info.

  7. Can't really compare headset and bottom bracket. The bb has to withstand way higher forces. That said: I have two bikes in my home with pressfit bbs, both have been ridden pretty hard for more than two years and so far I've never had a problem.

  8. Alex please do a Switchblade review! I've had mine in a 29er Eagle build for a couple months now and love it. I'll never see the full potential of this bike as I'm a novice rider at best. Keep up the good work on the vids. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  9. When I test rode this bike it felt good but felt too much like a downhill bike for where I ride which was sad :(. Just didn't feel lively enough because of travel. The pivot Mach 5.5 looks perfect for me though.

  10. I like your videos but I have a suggestion for your bike reviews. I'd like to see you riding it more. Just voice over the audio using your script so we can see more of the bike in action. Then you don't have the weird jump around on your edits and it will be a more entertaining video. Don't need to see you riding it the whole video, but maybe 50-75% of it? Keep making vids tho and I'll keep tuning in. Good channel.

  11. you can tell the geo and stifness of the front triangle just by looking at it. i kinda like it. the wheelbase is pretty long so the understeer kinda makes sense when used to a shorter bike.
    note: the reason why people like threaded bb is that it takes way more beating than your steering column. threaded bbs are a little easier to service. i suspect you dont do your own service though ๐Ÿ™‚ (also – once you're used to it servicing pressed bb is no big deal anyway)

  12. Alex, great review. I have a Nomad 3 XL (LOVE it, but getting the new bike itch), sounds like this in a Large with a 170 dropper post would be similar. Have you ridden a Slash 29er, Wreckoning, or Yeti 5.5C, and how do you like them at UCSC & Demo?

    I use to be a DH racer, but now I just trail ride, but I love the "mini DH" bike feel and riding gnarly stuff. I recently rode at HT 29 (from Santa Cruz) at UCSC and wasn't impressed, but I live in Arizona and the 29" wheels work well with the rocks and just maintaining speed.

    Love your videos, keep it up!


  13. Thank you for the review and now I'm even more excited to check it out on my Moab trip!

    Any chance you were riding in Bri0n3s last night? I think we bumped into at the bottom of H'nF!

  14. I've been stoked waiting to take mine to Deer Valley this summer for a couple of months. You just made the wait a whole lot longer! Great write-up, I agree with all of it except the under-BB cabling. I've had a bunch of bikes with that and never had an issue. Go get one!

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