22 Upcoming PC Games for 2018 (April – June)

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Listing all PC video games coming soon this first half of 2018. These are the most anticipated upcoming titles that will be releasing on Steam. Support this channel by buying these games thru the Amazon links below

Don’t Die: Survival
ESport Manager
Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire
SEGA Genesis Classics
Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection
Super Mega Baseball 2
The Crew 2
The Swords of Ditto
Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia

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26 Comments on “22 Upcoming PC Games for 2018 (April – June)”

  1. Damn, PC gaming sucks these days. And I say that as a PC gamer. Lucky I got my PS4 and Switch for exclusives. You know what would be really nice? A decent port of a BlazBlue game on PC, coz Central Fiction looked and played like ass…

  2. For anyone who claims this is clickbait it really isn't. The thumbnail has Yu Narukami from persona 4 on it and we know Yu is in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle which is a game coming on PC.

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