9 Comments on “49ers vs Titans 2017 Condensed Game Review”

  1. Titans are in the playoffs!!!! We gave that game away. If Henry got the ball at 1:20 remaining on 3rd and 2 then yall wouldnt have even gotten the ball back to march down field. A first down would've allowed us to run a couple plays to kill the clock THEN kick the field goal. The Titans are now 5-0 in games where Henry got more than 10 touches!

  2. NBN!
    I said it. We need to put Jimmy in there, we got to see what we got! Put him in… BOOM! FIRE!
    Now I also said I was not a Hyde fan, ya'll just laughed. Sadly the Hyde stock is going down. (That being said we will probably need him next year) Honestly fam, I'm just excited to see some changes! THE EMPRE STRIKES BACK!

  3. What do u guys think we do about the RB position this coming offseason ? Do we try n draft a RB, bring a RB in through Free Agency or do we resign Carlos Hyde ?

    I know every nfl mock draft has the 49ers picking RB Saquan Barkley with their 1st round pick. I dont think thats going to be possible. I would love to draft Saquan Barkley and retain Hyde for that 2 headed monster.

    Lynch has to pick Saquan Barkley if he is on the board and if thats the case, offer Hyde a cheap 2 year deal. Go get a big target in free agency for Jimmy Garoppolo. Lynch got 100 mill to play with. Go get Jimmy some unstopable weapons. Big tall targets. Allen Robinson may come cheap, he just came off an early season acl injury he's had plenty of time to rehab that acl n will be available for training camp. Jarvis Landry would be so awesome but he's not a big target, hes small but i would definately welcome Jarvis Landry to this team as Piere Garcon replacement. Another guy i really like is Terrell Pryor from the Redskins. He is a QB transformed WR but a big target and he may also come cheap. I would love Lynch to atleast explore the idea of TE Jimmy Graham. He's so big and fast and would be great for that big redzone/endzone target. Jimmy G would capitalize on that. Ok the Oline, all we need is a OG, a good C and an extra OT to back up Staley or Brown and become Joe Staleys replacement one day. I say if we miss Saquan Barkley in the draft, get Orlando Brown to sure up that tackle position. Use free agency to aquire a top OG like that Andree Norwell whos playing his last year with the Panthers. Last but not least, we need a #1 CB to set the secondary. I love the Idea of signing Rams free agent CB – Trumaine Johnson. He would be our #1 defensive back starting Ahkello Witherspoon on the other side. At safety, Adrian Colbert and Jaquiski Tart can dominate the secondary. I think when Jimmy Ward comes back he should cover the slot as a CB.

  4. Jimmy Garoppolo is an absolute Beast. Im predicting next year. John Lynch works the draft and free agency and builds this team and turn it into a championship contender. Next year, 49ers go 13-3 win the NFC West and face the Packers in the NFC Championship

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