[4K] The Witcher 2: Xbox One X Enhanced vs PC vs Xbox 360 Comparison!

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Microsoft’s X-enhanced magic gets great results from one of last-gen’s most challenging ports……

45 Comments on “[4K] The Witcher 2: Xbox One X Enhanced vs PC vs Xbox 360 Comparison!”

  1. Those PC textures make so ha….happy! Kudos to Microsoft tho. Damn they are killing it. The Xbox One X is a master piece. If i wasn't a PC tech junkie nerd with a 1080 Ti I would go to Amazon right meow and click buy. RIGHT MEOW! I'm seriously jelly of this thing.

  2. Iorveth should have been in the final 3rd game! I can't believe they excluded him. He was my favorite character and "no so villain"/buddy of The Witcher 2. I know he was planned to be there, because you can hear his voice actor in the game (didn't confirm it yet).
    Iorveth and Saskia could have had a really good spot in TW3, at least on a DLC if not the main game.

    Moving on – really impressive MS has a good backward compatibility – I wish Sony had that. So I could play MGS4 again on higher resolution and better framerate.
    I wonder if PS5 will have PS4 backward compatibility – because there's really NO reason why it shouldn't. (but I wouldn't be surprised if the new console won't have that)

  3. 1) xbox 360 version, aka totally stripped down witcher 2
    2) up the resolution
    3) enable mipmapping
    4) up 30 fps to 60 fps ( oh wait its 30 still )

    How's that impressive exactly?

  4. This… doesn't make sense. I played this game at a locked 4K 60fps (with Ubersampling, I think?) on two GTX 1080s… 1080 SLI is a little more powerful than a single 1080 Ti, but not by enough for this level of impact, surely.

  5. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the effort that went into the ports and optimisations by both CD Project Red and Microsoft. Thanks! Show those other developers how it’s done right!

  6. one just cannot fully appreciate the magic of the Witcher 2 ….its atmosphere, artstyle, music, …geez..i loved the game years ago but after I saw the game in this video ..there is only few games with such a strong magic

  7. Witcher 1 was such a severe hardware pig and it appears that Witcher 2 followed that same trend. Regarding 360 lighting and such? Well, you are comparing dx9 vs dx11, which of course makes a significant visual difference. I am impressed that they do any improvement at all, because it is free…something not happening on my PS4 Pro.

  8. PC still looks leagues better… Microsoft's infatuation at cash grabbing from resolution fappers is hilarious. Resolution doesn't beat a smooth frame rate with higher settings, and never will.

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