50% of PC gaming revenue is made by 0.5% of games! Not good, PC gaming… not good.

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In this video, I feature a news item published by PCGamer, in which they report that 50% of pc…

22 Comments on “50% of PC gaming revenue is made by 0.5% of games! Not good, PC gaming… not good.”

  1. I play PC cause I'm not gonna buy a console for the 3 games on it I'm actually interested in. Stopped buying consoles after the ps3/360 generation, and have only missed out on a few exclusive titles, some of which are slowly making their way to PC.

    I think the issue with steam is not all the crap devs that want to put garbage on the platform, but steam who allows garbage to flood the platform in the first place. Steam went from a market of guaranteed good games, to a platform that hosts babies first java project.

  2. What? only 100 games on a year? that is rookie numbers, you got to pump them up.
    2017 i got like 1000-1500 somewhere there…
    also you have to look somewhere else then mainstream because that is briandead most of the time.

  3. For last ~4 years, about 70% of my gaming time has been in Factorio. ~25% a mix of Rimworld, Fortresscraft Evolved and Space Engineers. Combined I've spent at least around 5k hours in them. Rest have been a few dozen other things I've played a few hours and either completed or got bored. It's been years I've looked at some AAA thingy that made me think that's something I want to play.

    So, yea, I'm not exactly "diverse" player but I guess I still kind of qualify as someone who doesn't just play the top 100 thingys.

  4. It's also hard for many of these indy developers when there are games where 8-bit naked little boys are running away from their naked 8-bit father to take a bath/shower. This is the problem with most of these games on steam. Most of these games on steam are either trash or jokes/memes and aren't serious games. Many others that are more serious, are mechanically garbage fires of bugs and lack of resources. The quality aspect of most of those games is completely lacking or are in early alpha and potentially fly by night money leeches giving just enough to drive interest but the devs are more or less milking it. Too many people have been burned by Day Z and some alphas suffer because of it.

    You aren't seeing the vast majority of games on steam getting much money at all because they're either garbage, or come from untrusted/untried developers not able to command enough trust in the market for early adoption/alpha backing.

  5. The biggest reason for such a bafflingly small number of games making half of the money is probably the massive oversaturation of the PC game market. For every surprise underdog success, there are hundreds of awful games that range from low-effort quick cash-grabs to downright scams that don't even work. If Digital Homicide rings a bell to you, then you get the idea. And even if all those games were good, no one would have enough free time to play them all. Are gamers the ones to blame for this ? By the way, originality is a very overestimated quality in games : you can be as original as you want as a designer, if you cannot make your game work, there is no point in making it.

  6. PC community is evolving. I cannot say it is for the good or bad. The thing that's happening is we have more and more new gamers on PC from console. And in some cases they bring the console mentality onto the PC platform. So seeing the rise of sales on generic shooters and 3rd person action/adventure with stealth elements cannot be helped unfortunately.

  7. Oh great another guy who wants equality of outcome. I kid a bit but why is this a problem. You should know going into game development that it an competive industry that you will have to have a way to both make your game and market your game and that there going to be tons of games ready to wipe you out.

  8. "Buy all the indie games or you're a PC peasant". This is pretty much identical to forcing diversity for the sake of diversity. If Polygon pulled a random percentage out of their ass it would be more accurate than any stats you get off steam. This is probably the first video where you made me feel like you don't really support PC gaming, and that hits me right in the feels.

  9. Okay, I'm sorry, but the idea that gamers can be blamed for not being able to slog through the tons and tons of dreck to try and find the gems buried therein is bs. For one, seeing how much shovelware there is can be emotionally exhausting. Two, I think your underestimating the ratio of dreck to hidden gems – there's a reason even Jim Fucking Sterling Son has given up highlighting just how bad things are. Three, the way Steam is setup makes it actively difficult to do so in a number of ways, from information overload in the number of titles they throw at you to the difficulty of being able to pick out what is worth looking deeper at from the surprising unhelpful information given by steam on individual titles at first glance.

    If this problem is to be fixed there are three big things to be done revolving around three different groups. First up, Steam needs to do some goddamn curation and content control – yes, I love that anything can get on steam like niche visual novel games, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to be done. Segregate games by their type – freeware games, free-to-play, blockbusters and indie are all different sections steam could be divided up into just off the top of my head. Next is the indie scene, which need to have resources on how to potentially generate momentum for a game efficiently such as Let's Players, who have driven more than a few games to greatness with their coverage. This is something Steam could help with by incorporating Let's Players into the platform directly – imagine having Markiplier's or Jacksepticeye's videos directly on Steam and linked to the games they've covered, along with information on how many Let's Players have covered a given game and what they think of it.

  10. If I had 5-20$ every time I saw an interesting game I wanted to play I would try it. Sadly I don't, and they a lot of the time do not include a demo. Sounds really stupid for a game that cannot afford really good advertising. They try to rely solely on reviews. Sometimes that can work but sometimes a demo reassures a person. Sadly for many 10$ on something that looks like one thing and might not be what they thought is 10$ less of groceries that month. That is how I see this. I pc game cause it is way cheaper. Has emulators out the wazoo tons of games from free to 60$. Do not have to pay sub fees just to play online, we also get mods. I have the option to find something cheaper then one set price that is normally set the highest they think they can get away with. Game can be some of the cheapest entertainment on this planet. Hell, some people spend hundreds to 1000s of hours on free games not spending a dime. Cannot chalk up pc gaming to ones definition of it. Too many things are offered from it that one person may own it for an entirely different reason. All that matters is that the PC offers these things.

  11. So, I'm a PC peasant if I only play the top 100 games? Like you, Rags, BulletBarry, and Fringy have all said before, one of the great freedoms of the PC is that we can choose from a vast list of games. However, if the games that we choose just happen to be in the top 100, I don't think that should classify us as a PC peasant. I see where you're coming from though, and I do wish that some of the amazing indie titles could be showcased more (Factorio, Divinity Original Sin, Clone Drone in the Danger Zone, etc.) I've also noticed that for every great indie game, there are 50 horrible ones…

  12. I don't see how this is unexpected, or even bad. Of course you are going to have a sharp decline in relative popularity when you are talking about a diverse market. Some things are going to be better/have better advertising/have more consumer loyalty than others, and the wider the market (in both supply and demand) the larger effects these factors have on sales (If there are only 4 options then it isn't unreasonable to compare and contrast your options, with 1000s of options that is completely impossible).

  13. My current "indies" and non stealth shooters

    Beam NG drive
    The Forest
    Goat simulator
    Slime rancher
    The Stanley parable
    A story about my uncle
    Both amnesia titles
    Areofly RC7
    Dread out
    Simple planes
    Super hot
    The town of light
    Turbo dismount
    The solus project
    Sky Rouge
    Osiris: new dawn

    near half my library are indies, actually half if you exclude games recieved for free on humble and or GOG

  14. fuck off top hats , look i love indie games but its not our fault steam dosen't advertise indie games as good as they advertise tripel AAA games Also what about pubg or as they say it the early acsses greedy, shitiy developer .

  15. I'd be interested in seeing how much money those 100 games took to make compared to the rest of the games on steam. I'm not gonna shed a tear if the crap games on steam that charge you often anywhere from 1/10th or 1/6th the price of triple-A for only 1/100th of the content or quality.

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