6 Ways To CHEAT – Stardew Valley

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From infinite energy to endless time, I cover all the current known ways to cheat!

30 Comments on “6 Ways To CHEAT – Stardew Valley”

  1. You forgot the easiest and most powerful trick. Changing your name to item codes. Everytime a NPC says your name you will get whatever the item is. So if you name your character [645] you get an iridium sprinkler everytime someone says your name. Every couple of days you can talk to Gus and he always says your name every time you click on him. Pretty overpowered if you ask me

  2. So I play on the PS4 I find that the pool cheats the walking off the map and making the night last longer do not work I hope this helps people who play on the system! By the way I do love your videos!

  3. I got one I don't know if it still works but if u upgrade your foraging level I think u get the choice between something and wood getting a higher price and u can buy wood from Robin and then sell it

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