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  1. Actually as an Xbox fanboy The xbox 360 did sell well but it didn't hit the ps3 the xbox 360 was Supposed to kill the ps3 but sadly the Red ring of death killed it and then the ps3 went higher the ps3 sold 87 while xbox 360 sold 86 but the Wii Crushed the both

  2. I still prefer weirdly the 360 over the One especially since the One has already made the 2013 and 2014 Ones obsolete since they are discontinued now. Owned well over 50 games on the 360 that were 1000s times more fun than the games we get now. Will I ever touch COD WW2, battlefield 1, any of those titles? Fuck no. But battlefield Bad Company games!! Hell yes!

  3. 7th GEN???
    so let me list this.
    XBOX 360, PS3
    I GUESS it is the 7th gen if your going by TIMELINE.
    IF WE goin by BITS. we stopped at 128 BITS AND STAYED THERE FOR 18 YEARS!!!! (DREAMCAST) 9-9-99

  4. Red Dead Redemption looks really bad on PS3, but this diden't bother me… after all, I think the XBOX 360 was the better choice, but my PS3 Super Slim was an cheap and reliable alternative.

  5. I hated xbox 360
    No matter which one i used it always hated me
    Used a friends one, crashes
    Got a cheap one, crashes
    Uses the newest one
    It crashes
    I guess xbox hates me

  6. Can't say I ever had any hardware troubles with the 360. I hadn't truly started with that gen until '09, and then more actively since '13. I remember buying my personal 360 at a swap meet in Tijuana for about $50 with all the cords and no controller. It was an older Core model from 2005 and it ran just fine, given that also I used some techniques like the "towel trick" and not storing it in a confined space, or not overplaying, etc. Much to my surprise though it still ran games like Titanfall and Black Ops 3 like a champ.

  7. To me this is the pinnacle of gaming, to me the Xbox live be should've been a upgrade for the 360, by that I mean leave everything the same like the menus and stuff but have the hardware like the Xbox one now, the 360 all around is a great experience

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