Aero 15X – An AWESOME Gaming Laptop For Creators

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My review of the Gigabyte Aero 15X gaming/workstation laptop with the new generation of 6 core…

38 Comments on “Aero 15X – An AWESOME Gaming Laptop For Creators”

  1. Im looking for a laptop to do graphic design on it but at the same time do some gaming, i find this laptop perfect but its out of my price range that is 1500$ any alternative suggestions? Thanks!

  2. Dave I need Your help, advice, anything… Please!
    I am NOT technical guy but..
    I want to buy a laptop that I can play simracing games with oculus rift, simracing wheel and pedals (probably fanatec)
    I want to compatibility all these parts
    I have very little time to decide and have around 2000$ for laptop
    Can You split up Your experience and knowledge
    Whick would You buy for Your money reccomend, prefer? Please help me, please answer!

  3. Hey Dave, on the notebookcheck review, they say the FHD panel is 60% adobeRGB, you say 78%. Maybe they made a type mistake? I need to know, because I am going to need this 78%, as I plan to buy this, for creative work too. Thanks!

  4. What should I look for when buying a laptop as a Mechanical Engineering student? I will be using Solidworks, Ansys and Matlab. I will not be using the laptop for gaming purpose. What would be a good laptop around US$1000?

  5. Hi David, a key piece of information I think you should include in the review which you have missed out.

    You mentiond that the screen is 144hz but does not have G-Sync. I think potential purchasers should be aware that Nvidia Optimus is NOT competiable with G-Sync. Having G-Sync forces the GPU to be always on, which will mean that even when you are not doing anything intensive on the laptop, your battery will die flat out in 1-2 hours.

    Intel integrated gpu's are not compatible with G-Sync.

    So I think it is a great thing that this laptop does NOT have G-Sync. It makes the laptop far more versatile.

  6. I agree.. the keyboard is horrible.. It will make you dislike using this laptop.. I never had a laptop I disliked purely because of the keyboard. and yes the touch pad is Skippy. And then the bezel, donot be fooled the lower bezel is nearly 2 inchs. and without any reason.

  7. Great video Dave question from the uninitiated but when you made the comment about this monitors colour accuracy vs GS 65, would it be corrected if you had it calibrated? I'm just asking because like you said the GS 65 is 200 dollars, performance is almost the same except for fan noise… When are you going to release your review on the rog laptop?

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