Agents of Mayhem Review (No Spoilers)

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  1. Swapping agents in and out of gameplay.. Wow that is actually a step backwards from Saints Row. I loved Saints Row 2 and 3, but it's been down hill from there on. Agents of Mayhem looks horrible. And it's very obvious they're pushing a minority heavy agenda. It feels more like a propaganda piece then an actual game, like they created propaganda using Saints Row assets.

  2. I kinda have the same problem with peds because there volume is very low probably because they speak Korean not English so maybe focus test found it annoying if it was too loud but your barely able to hear it. Still though they have many actions and jobs around the city so still impressive.

  3. Im finding the game pretty impressive overall. Although it SCREAMS for much needed optimization, specifically framerate stability. I think 60fps would be ideal, but at this point ide settle for 30,as long as its consistent. That inconsistency is incredibly counter intuitive to the experience. Ps, if you find slamming into Legion cars a chore, drive up ahead of em hop out and lay into em with a heavy. Maybe wont kill em but will help

  4. Dunno about you guys but i still play Saints row 2 over The Third and 4… You know because the city of Stilport is a shithole, the civilians all look the same, and the Clothes Customization is awful compared to saints row 2. Combat was the only improvement but unfortunately no combos or different fight styles. Stilwater is my home.

  5. Agents of Mayhem – Crackdown + Prototype (boost jumpings) + Batman: Arkham Knight (calling the Batmobile/Automobile) + Overwatch + Borderlands + Assassin's Creed Brotherhood/Revelations (sending assassins in other countries/cities on the computer for limited time – Conflict/Regions)

  6. Jesus Christ can people stop saying shit like "Saints Row died after 2"
    And those lists that people keep making where they rank the SR games… they also rank AOM, which isn't an SR game ffs.

  7. Guys, AOM is not a sequel to Saints Row. It is a different series that takes place in the SR universe. There is nothing extremely bad about this game just different from what we are used to playing.

  8. The map deloading, floating Gat and replays not working (I'm assuming a restart only fixes these), what part of that isn't game breaking? That sounds gamebreaking lol
    Plus, a lot of the driving clips you used clearly tanked the framerate, were these there when you weren't recording?

  9. Here's my thoughts on all these games:
    Saints Row; Pretty good, definitely one of the best games on the 360
    Saints Row 2; My absolute favorite game ever
    Saints Row: The Third; WTF?!? Okay, then…
    Saints Row IV; I'd rather not talk about it… Fuck SR4
    Saints Row: Gat Outta Hell; This game feels like hell
    Agents of Mayhem; Looks impressive, but at the same time the lackluster driving looks disappointing

  10. Many people are listing the games so here's mine:
    Saints Row 1™: Awesome
    Saints Row 2™: The best there was
    Saints Row tt: Holy shit what the hell is this crap
    saints raw ive: Derrrrr
    srgooh: ohhh mi der
    AoM: Dafuk is is shit?

  11. well since everyone else is ranking the saints row games then so will I

    1. saints row 1= easily the best game in the whole series
    2. saints row 2= still good although not better than the first
    3. saints row 4&gat out of hell= although sophomoric and a complete 180° from the originals it still had a lot of call backs to the older games plus the superpowers were kinda fun
    4. saints row 3= didn't have anything gangster about it was intended for little kids but didn't even have any powers or anything to compensate. so it just ended up being like a downgraded version of 1 and 2 without the powers of 4.

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