Alone in the Dark | Xbox 360 Review and Commentary Part 1

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20 Comments on “Alone in the Dark | Xbox 360 Review and Commentary Part 1”

  1. Did you actually watch the whole review? I said I liked the game. I even gave it an 8.4 at the end of the review, although in hindsight I would probably give it a 7.5. And I dont use the "gradeschool" system that reviewing websites used but rather more of a rating system like movie and music critics used, except they use out of 5 instead of out of 10.

  2. Thank you so much! I got this game, Not for 50 dollare, only for 20, but i felt liek i was in for a dissapointment b4 i even poped it in. everyone said how bad it was. And i just want to thank you for telling everyone that it is not that bad. It is really quite fun. Thnak you.

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