ARK News: Rentable Servers Release Date PC Patch Notes + More

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all the news about renting ark survival evolved servers from nitrado for ps4 plus pc latest…

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  1. Hey jade. I know its stupid to ask but would you be willing to do a ARK PS4 Giveaway? I really want the game and can't for financial reasons…I really want to make some videos. Thanks bro keep up the great work!

  2. hi mate just been on your patreon page i dont quite understand it what would I have to sign up to to play the nitrado server pvp ps4 and are they still coming wednesday cheers great videos been watching for awhile

  3. Xbox has this glitch that someone else had lately and happened to a bunch in 2016, but it is player dedicated has a Can't Retrieve Server Address and I can't play player ded even though I played it like last week…

  4. So I am still a little bit confused, will we be able to turn off and back on the server for when we want to play? I really only play with a few friends, but we dont want to have it running 24/7

  5. yes, everyone has the chance to buy a pc, people choose to get a console and then complain later about not having things as good as a pc has it. ITS A CHOICE TO PLACE YOURSELF LAST.

    and dont bring in cost, that just shows how stupid you really are, pc's are cheaper then consoles for performance v's cost. do a little looking around and not just at the tv for ads regarding consoles.

  6. Video games 2005 or older You paid x for the game. No bull shit you just got the game.
    Video games 2015+ you have to pay full retail price for half the game but in order to get everything you need to pay atleast $200.00.

  7. Nice so does this mean when it releases and I rent a server for me and my friends I won't have that awful thether distance and I'll be able to play with ini.files so I have a big raft structure limit

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