Arx fatalis – cheats and codes

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Hi all you Arx fans out there!

I finally colleted some codes and cheats in Arx Fatalis, and I am sharing my knowledge with you. First of all, this video does not contain all the codes (because the ones I did not include suck) and all the spells and stuff are collected in a document: RPGDot’s official Arx guide (to download it use this link: So you’ll find completely everithing about Arx in that document.

Contents of the video:

0:06 – A hidden feature with chickens
0:30 – Extra effects and items gained by drawing hidden symbols
6:17 – The only proper cheat in the game (bone and chair stuff)

First of all, try it on any chickens, keep double clicking on them, until they explode into a roast chicken.
( useful for the people who doesn’t want to spoil a fireball at a chicken )

Secondly here are the spells as shown:
MAX – Maxes out our character, gives a boost to our skills, plus we gain all the runes.
SOS – Reveals the entire map – all levels.
POM – Gives…

29 Comments on “Arx fatalis – cheats and codes”

  1. hey can you assist me i have been trying to draw the MAX but it does not work i dit it like you show in the vedio but gets no response also will it work on ver 3.1 of the game, what ver of the game are you running..

  2. Hola Fans y jugadores de Arx Fatalis en español!, les comparto un fan site dedicado a este juegazo, visitenlo y registrense. Pueden preguntar todas sus dudas aqui y ver todo sobre Arx!!
    Gracias, ayuden a hacer en grande esta comunidad, nos harían un gran favor si se registran es en sólo 2 min y gratis, saludos!

  3. Hello a varászlatokat hogy lehet kirakni a tatyo felé mint amikor tekercset használsz ugy értem mikor idézel 1 tüzlabdát és nem lövöd el hanem csak készen fog álni a használatra erre lenék kiváncsi ha még olvasa ezt valaki

  4. I *seriously* cannot get this to work, did they disable cheats in later versions of the game? The only two things I can get to work are the chicken cheat and no clipping. :

  5. @cosminsavenco Let's clarify one and for ever: In 1.17 I was able to activate ALL the cheats given. With the latest patch, it's ridiculously hard to activate them (read: practically impossible) so I strongly suggest you don't even waste your time trying.

    But on 1.17 it's not hard, it might take a few tries, but I recall that it was not hard at all

  6. @cosminsavenco erm, I meant that in 1.17 version it was very easy to ACTIVATE cheats (and deactivate too). I guess that in patches they made spells easier to pull off, but cheats nearly impossible…

    Maybe you can play without patches just to enjoy cheats

  7. @TCFBbob Yup. Btw, getting the cheats inserted (Those in video) are real pain in the ass. I have multiple times done perfectly the codes and nothing, when i do it worse it actually worked Lol.
    Why? Lots of people have torrents and the best part is you don't have to pay for it. (There ain't really anything to pay anymore =P )

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