Assassin’s Creed Origins – Cinematic Story Trailer (Game of Power)

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Assassin’s Creed Origins – Cinematic Story Trailer (Game of Power) witness the growing struggle between powerful figures such as Cleopatra, Julius Caesar and the Pharaoh of Egypt, Ptolemy XIII.

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28 Comments on “Assassin’s Creed Origins – Cinematic Story Trailer (Game of Power)”

  1. Wow look at this whitewashing, they obviously should be transracial with 2000 genders. The pharaohs were of Greek origin and that's why they were white? Wow that's so racist, why can't they be Chinese or something this is discrimination. Your saying a Chinese man couldn't be pharaoh because of his race?

  2. lol any assassin vs Ceasar Legions. = Dead assassin Hell make a assassin army and they would still lose. I think Total War is the only game that understood how ancient army's actually fought and why they fought that way. Alexander the great show us what happens when you use great tactics vs Numbers. Rome perfected those tactics in its republic days. cough then forgot them when they got fat and lazy in its Empire days. Stupid praetorian worst idea Rome ever came up with. HEY lets have 2 types of armys a citizen army and the Legionary army. BUT lets pay the citizen army better and NOT USE them as often. … Leaders Pay your best troops well but make sure they earn their pay other wise your basically a store owner paying protection fees to people who wont kill you if you pay them.

  3. Thats cool considering you got to go to the Colosseum as Ezio after it was all broken up. Now you get to see it in its prime. A western/cowboy or viking Assassins would be awesome

  4. I hope this does well, assassins creed make decent games but there formulaic development cycle was really starting to ruin the franchise, unity and syndicate were fine examples of that. Last decent AC game I played was black flag and that's because it felt different. They need to start adding some gameplay depth not just good mechanics, map design and historical people cameos. And wrap it up with the templars already, fed up of them always being the big bad. You'll never guess who's behind all this? It's the templars! Oh what u knew that before even playing the game? It's always the goddamn templars. Let there be a coup or a split faction or a greater threat. I'd even be down with those ancient aliens controlling people's minds directly or something over those pesky templars at it again always trying to take over the world and failing. The game needs to evolve if it's to survive, this extra development time, I hope, is to do that. Then when they have mastered all that to finally make us what we've all been waiting for Assassins Creed in Feudal Japan!

  5. European accounts of this period focus on Alexandria as the venue representing Egypt, which is of course ridiculous, Egypt is a large country with many cities

    Also missing from the historical record, is the occupation from the Egyptian point of view. Since the Egyptians did not Un-Learn how to read and write, it is safe to assume that there was much written on the subject, however that material has so far not been made available. Therefore the exact nature of the Greek and then Roman occupation cannot be accurately discussed.

    the only thing we can know for Sure is the Cleopatra and julius Cesar story

    and Cleopatra along with her half sister were mixed

    they had a Black Mother

    this fact is now confirmed when they found the body of her sister Arsinoe who was also mixed

  6. How to make videogames trailers? Make random videos of main characters with random speeches (they must be full of pathos), then mixed it with random gameplay moments (slow mo, and right angle of capturing will be great). And what about music? Just let some woman make some vocals with some orchestra. Here we go. Now, let the fanboys eat it first to make hype for others.

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