21 Comments on “AUDEZE LCD i4 REVIEW – End game for Jay?”

  1. Just a thought: It is impossible for you to review a product from MY perspective. You have only YOUR perspective, which I can listen to and then factor in from MY point of view. That's what all reviewers do. It's the nature of reviews and reviewers. I know it seems like a clever intro to your reviews, but it is a little irritating. Otherwise, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Kilobuck items are "interesting," because they give you the ability to compare to products with less stratospheric prices. I, and perhaps many others who enjoy your reviews, will not be purchasing any $2500 in-ears anytime soon!

  2. go live, got the isine 10, now i need to get a dac and amp for them, but I also need a dac for my bookshelf monitors, I am planning on getting the 50w(fergot the name his newest one) amp (which he says that the are really good for headphones too), so you think the opportunity he 2 can serve as a good dac for my speakers.

    my cable broke on my ad 900x, do you have any recommendations for nice 2.5 detachable cable and socket?

  3. Hey Jay, I might have missed it, but how would you compare the ISine 20s to these? Are they close enough to consider them as an affordable alternative?

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