[AVAILABLE NOW] OPUS: The Day We Found Earth – Official PC Trailer

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OPUS: The Day We Found Earth is a single player story-driven space exploration game.

After eons of spreading across the cosmos, humanity has lost its way back. Peer into a forgotten galaxy to rediscover our planet of origin through the lense of a deep space telescope.

The art and in-game assets of OPUS has been completely redone in HD for PC, with the world and characters brought to life through new, fully animated cutscenes.

21 Comments on “[AVAILABLE NOW] OPUS: The Day We Found Earth – Official PC Trailer”

  1. 太喜歡這個遊戲~就買了實體的原聲帶CD 不過還沒有送來 裡面會有這首音樂嗎??QWQQQ 真的好愛這首 當初就是衝著這首,上steam買了遊戲玩

  2. I love this game its so cool and unique! I'd love it more if it has alternate endings like lisa and makoto are alive and they get to return to earth safely or instead of makoto left and lisa died, wouldn't it be great if they actually has feelings for each other?? I think both of them have a chemistry XDD lol sorry for fantasizing but i hope it could really happen soon (:

  3. Hi Sigono/Team Signal, this game is so awesome, i dont have any regrets on playing this… BTW i understand now, why Lisa and Mak was not on the ship… Sooo many clues and evidences :), this is not the end of OPUS, i'm really hoping and i have a high expectations that OPUS will have part 2, Some of the quote is not accurate though like "solar flare damage their ship" even though the ship is far away to the LISA sun, but its was so goooood story.. OPUS 2!! We will wait!!…. 🙂

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