BAD GAMES: Thief (Xbox One, 360, PS3, PS4, PC) Review!

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And here is yet another game trying to ride off the name of a classic game, instead watering it…

21 Comments on “BAD GAMES: Thief (Xbox One, 360, PS3, PS4, PC) Review!”


    Do a review about PAYDAY 2 and lets see what you think.
    Also whats your steam lets play together and don't forget to record.

  2. This game plays like dishonored and that's a good thing… I think the reason why it plays like shit is because your stubby little lucario paws. No, the real problem is that you get off to way to much to dogs porn.

    Now, if you compare this review to anything it would probably be R. Bud Dwyer blowing his brains out, you would most likely agree that this would makes more sense because this review made wanna almost put a bullet in my in skull.

    In conclusion, Jacob you quit jerking off to pictures of hitler furry hentai and get a life, find a girlfriend/boyfriend, maybe a job getting forcefully raped by a couple of bums in some back alley, have sex with you per dog, or w/e floats your "red-rocket"…

  3. Little spoiled white boy who reviews games like he's played them for years. Buddy you realize that that game really meant for younger gamers by the game I mean how the game is setup. Now we have people like you talking crap about every game you get your hand on. Man I'm grateful for my shit but again the people who don't deserve good stuff always get it in the end and the people who do deserve stuff end up getting carp. Plus buddy I'm younger then you.

  4. There were only fucking two good levels in this game, IMO (House of Blossoms, that one in the mansion later on)
    Those ones were quite alright, if the nine or so levels were all like that it'd be great, the basic gameplay is fine.
    generic story, the most infuriating and idiotic final boss I've ever seen, boring linear gameplay, ugh

  5. Wow already at beginning of the review do we keep hearing the redundancy of your hatred toward Wolfenstein TNO. Honestly I dont get why you hate that game so much when your a big fan of COD which has been outdated since 2007 with its old ass engine from COD 4. TNO looks a shit load better and plays better than any COD game. 

    As for Thief I cant say anything about since I havent played it but I have a feeling during the combat parts you were purposely playing it that way to make it look bad hence the title "BAD GAMES" . Im not going to say anything about graphics since I already mentioned how important graphics are in many of your videos and my answer wont change about that. Overall this was a shitty review. Have a nice day…

  6. I thought Theif was a okay-ish good game and also the game is not a FPS but in First Person View that's like saying all of the Elder Scrolls series is a First Person Shooter which clearly aren't. The PS4 version I have has fast loading maybe only on the Xbox one version has slow loading. All & all Theif is a decent game not the best but only good if there's nothing else too play.

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