Best Pokemon Nintendo Switch Trailers

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Today I am showing you guys the Top 5 Best Looking Fake Pokemon on Nintendo Switch Trailers. These Brand new Pokemon on Nintendo Switch Trailers all have gathered millions of views in weeks due to everyone wanting more information. Which Trailer do you like the best? Leave a comment!

38 Comments on “Best Pokemon Nintendo Switch Trailers”

  1. pokemon hasn't been announced for switch and we all know that. you said it in your video too. but because of that…..why are you expecting it for switch? It seems like you're all waiting for a full main series pokemon game. I'm just saying that i dont think its coming because pokemon is a handheld game and i know your gonna say that the switch is a handheld…but no its a hybrid and nintendo classifies it as a home console that you can take with you anywhere. And if pokemon is coming for switch its gonna be a spinoff game like stadium and colosseum. thats what i think.

  2. Number two would not fit Pokemon at all. I don't care if you guys bash me for this. But it would not fit Pokemon. WE need an anime-cartoony art style for Pokemon.
    That is GameFreaks art style.
    I'm here to bring the hard truth whether you guys like it or not.

  3. Number 2 is using the Unreal Engine. It looks really good but I don't think the Switch could handle the graphics! But if it was I would get it, if I had the money to get a Switch!

  4. Why do people expect the Pokemon Switch to look realistic and have Pokken-like battle style? Pokemon will look off in such real-like environments so a Wind Waker HD could work out because that's the only art style I think will go well with this game. And if you make the Pokemon controllable, then it breaks the trainer command system since you will basically spam lots of different attacks on each other rather than turn-based. So let the battle system be like it should be, because most RPG games are like this.

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