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  1. Actually I don't trust you, as I have MKW and A. MKW is just awful, worst MK game ever made as far as I'm concerned.

    And then B. The Wii can only have wet dreams about the gaphical power it takes to run this, so I know which game is "ugly" looking, and it aint this one.

  2. Racing with weapons, because while I enjoy this, I think it's trying to be too realistic and too zany all at the same time, so I think games like Gotham 2 beat it in the realistic and ModNation beats it in the Zany.

    But I do still really enjoy the game.

  3. IMO Blur, Split is awful.

    It's boring after a few races because you've already seen the wow elements, the handling's awful and most people don't even get to the end because it gets so generic after a while.

    But that's just me and my mates, lol.

  4. @DEIVION212
    Yeah, I put MKW in the other day, and I was like "I wonder why I stopped playing this game?" I played online and went from like first to last on the last lap from like 5 items hitting me in a row. That sucks when you're 9000+. Thanks for the help, and it looks like I'll have to look into Modnation.

  5. Again, blame MS.

    They couldn't just go out and do a new realistic series because MS wouln't have put it on the 360 and why would Sony bother with it when they have the superiro GT5 out soon?

    They'd have been left with the Wii and that's a fate no dev should ever have.

  6. @DEIVION212 i just saw the commercial properly and another car shoots the other. Iunno how i missed that but car shooting games just sound like some 6 year old kids idea. Come on gotham i know they can do better then this shit

  7. Blame Microsoft.

    The makers of this game are the makers of the Gotham series, but then MS fired them from Gotham and have replaced the Gotham team with the Forza team.

    So instead the Gotham guys made this.

    And it now means that all Gotham games are going to be just as shite as that overated bag of wank Forza series. Which I fucking hate! Because Gotham has ALWAYS been better.

  8. wtf i wanted some sick ass street racing game not another gay car shooting game. If u want to shoot cars go play gta or somthing…. the makers of this game is so stupid

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