Brut@l Tips | PS4 | Cheats Codes Tricks Tips Wanted

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Brut@l Tips | PS4 | Cheats Codes Tricks Tips Wanted

PLEASE COMMENT AND POST YOUR QUESTIONS or any cheats, tips, tricks, glitches, help you have for this game in the comments section. Thank you!

Brut@l (Brutal) Trophies List

Unlockables: Trophy List
Complete the tasks below and you’ll unlock the trophy specified.

Dungeon Master (Platinum): Unlock all trophies in BRUT@L (Single player game only)

Enter the Dragon (Gold): Reached floor 26: The Dragon’s Lair (Single player game only)

Halfway to Hell (Gold): Reach floor 13 of the dungeon (Single player game only)

A, B, C… (Gold): Collect all 26 Basic ASCII (A-Z) in a single game (Single player game only)

Been there, done it (Gold): Unlock every skill in a single game (Single player game only)

Monster Slayer (Gold): Kill 250 enemies in a single game (Single player game only)

Treasure Hunter (Gold): Gain more than 20,000 loot in a single game (Single player game only)

Shock and Awe (Silver): Enchant a power weapon (Single…

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  1. In terms of weapons: the torch is a fire weapon; it can be used to open fire doors and fire chests from the beginning of the game.the torch does not start out charged, however. to charge the torch, equip the torch and attack any object that has an open flame. the torch uses 1 charge per second while equipped, so it is recommended to only pull out the torch when the weapon is required and then "sheath" the weapon by select another weapon using the d-pad.     in terms of potions: the invisibility potion and the vampire curse potion are the strongest potions in the game.when the invisibility potion is combined with the assassin's mark, any enemy can be 1 shot by any weapon. the use of actions during invisibility does NOT cancel the invisibility, so many enemies can be one shot back to back. the invisibility potion does wear off quickly, so keep that in mind. the vampire curse potion reverses damage effects, and, therefore, is the best heal in the game. the potion will heal you for all the damage that any enemies do to you, but will hurt YOU if YOU deal damage. this potion will also cause any environmental damage to heal you instead of hurt you; standing in lava could never be more useful!to take full advantage of this potion, only use it when 3+ enemies are present (bonus heals for standing in environmental dangers) and simply stand in one place while the enemies wail on you. this potion wears off quickly so keep that in mind.

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