Build Away! – Idle City Game Walkthrough – #3 – NEW TOWN BUILD! – (Android Gameplay Let’s Play)

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Build Away! – Idle City Game Gameplay Walkthrough: #3 – NEW TOWN BUILD! – [Build Away! – Idle City Game PC Android Let’s Play Commentary]


Over 3,000,000 people are already playing Build Away!

Love building? Want to build the most awesome city of all time? In this game you’ll be breaking records for constructing cafes, homes, chicken shops, banks, villas and caravan parks on your mobile phone or tablet! Attract friends to your town and develop a booming tourism economy. The more you play the more you’ll discover…

* SIMPLE & RELAXING – Tap n’ swipe to grow your city from a caravan park into a metropolis!
* GROW ENDLESSLY! – Automate your city and earn continuously while you’re away!
* UNIQUE RE-DEVELOPMENT – Erect new buildings over old ones for happiness boosts and bonuses.
* FESTIVALS – Increase…

7 Comments on “Build Away! – Idle City Game Walkthrough – #3 – NEW TOWN BUILD! – (Android Gameplay Let’s Play)”

  1. Played to around town 10 or so, then I quit, but you need to keep selling those buildings to increase your population mate, as fast as you can. Build ->upgrade -> sell -> repeat
    Or you get stuck. Please read the comments.

  2. I got a legendary. It was a hospital. Another youtuber gor a bank. His Youtube Username is Game Hopping. Also, buy breifcases. They will get more expensive the more you buy but buying like 4 or 5 shouldn't cost too much. The amount of money you earn from moose' UFOs, police cars, and breifcases is based on the amount of money you have saved up, not the amount of money you make per second. Also please play Idle miner Tycoon. Woah My Singing Monsters ad! I love that game! You breed monsters and then before you know it you have "cheerleader monsters" and dudes that play the cello and riff monsters rocking out and creepy fireflies and robotic mosters called wubboxes. One last thing- like I said before play Idle miner Tycoon!

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