Candy Crush Cheat! Infinite Lives

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This is a very handy cheat on candy crush so you can keep playing without having to worry about lives!!! Take a look and let me know!

To make this cheat work, you have to be connected to Facebook. If you are not connected and you delete the app, you’ll have to start ALL OVER!


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31 Comments on “Candy Crush Cheat! Infinite Lives”

  1. Easy trick is change the date then go back to the app u wil find 5lives but dont play again change it auto in time and date so u will cum back to app u wil find 5 lives it self

  2. Why waste time uninstalling when you can just go to settings then applications from there manage applications & then go to your downloaded apps. Look for Candy Crush & erase data on it. If your logged in with your facebook it saves were you left off so uninstalling is a waste of time.

  3. Instead of reinstalling… All you need to do is ; after opening the game and seeing your lives regained … Into BACK into settings and change the time right. THEN play… Do that as many times as you need

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