Cave Story+ PC/Mac Trailer

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Cave Story’s back, finally, for Windows and Mac with a ton of new features. Get the original game plus new art, music and Challenges in Cave Story+!

Now PC and Mac player can enjoy Studio Pixel’s definitive Cave Story, with larger artwork, more music and tons of new great content. Plus Steam users can enjoy Steamworks and achievements.

Available NOW on Steam, Mac Apps Store and other awesome digital distributors!

18 Comments on “Cave Story+ PC/Mac Trailer”

  1. Antonis Pelekanos and Tyrone Rodriguez (Nicalis, Inc.),

    I, and all others 699 supporters, we believed in the game "The 90's Arcade Racer" on kickstarter.

    "The 90's Arcade Racer" promised to be a beautiful and exciting racing game, but unfortunately, became a

    vaporware after these 3 years and 3 months have passed.

    The game was backed since 02.17.2013 and release date was Nov / 2013.

    Now is may / 2016 and we do not have the game, we do not have updates, we do not have demo, we do not have no

    answers and no release date!!!

    We want a firm positioning of you about a release date or about the refund all of us.

    The world does not need more people like you, the world needs better people.

    We are tired of this lack of respect…

  2. 0:51 I never managed to get past that part without touching the spikes on the bottom xD
    I usually just make it to the -5 health ones that don't instant kill you.

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