8 Comments on “CGR Undertow – TALES FROM SPACE: MUTANT BLOBS ATTACK review for Xbox 360”

  1. The game looks great. Even the soundtrack soundtrack sound exactly like Guacamele where that game sounds amazing just like like this one. Will buy this game for sure on PS3 on week 2 sale of the dead.

  2. This was one of the Vita's digital launch titles back in February 2012. The touch-telepathy and tilt gameplay works there. Great game. Check out the prequel on PS3, and the other game by Drink Box Studios, Guacamelee.

  3. "some sections feels like they are made for tilt controls" well they are so that's why u get the original vita version or the ps3 version what uses sixaxis 

  4. Your problems with the controls that seem like they were designed for touch and tilt, well, they were. This game was originally a Vita exclusive. Those controls work great there.

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