Child of Light Playstation Vita REVIEW (PS VITA) HD GAMEPLAY

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I give you my full honest review for Child of Light for the Playstation Vita (PS VITA).


22 Comments on “Child of Light Playstation Vita REVIEW (PS VITA) HD GAMEPLAY”

  1. Hey Bro Don't Forget to review the first Unreal Engine 4 game of Ps Vita Bloodstained ritual of the night one of the top 2018 game of Psvita.
    When it got release soon 2018.

  2. Bought a 64 GB Vita card for Β£87 from Amazon. This was one of the first games I downloaded. Transferring some of my other PSN games to this larger card, found out the online servers for Wipeout 2048 were terminated the end of March this year. This game WAS the reason I bought a Vita. But most online races wouldn't start unless 4 players in the lobby. Would have had longer longevity it after a certain time the race starts no matter the number in the lobby.

    If SONY has shut down this game, I say in 2 years all vita servers will go offline.

  3. Glad you reviewd this. One of the exceedingly few western Vita games I haven't played. Tragically not any of those coming out in the past few years but some of the JRPG's the system's flooded with lately are shockingly good. Some are also complete shovelware so there's that.

  4. Wait.. I was first?!
    I can finally sleep in peace… Jk
    I don't think I would be picking up child of light because of its turn based combat system.. I mean I don't mind it, (shoot I play Persona 4 Golden, and Pokemon) but idk maybe in the future when I'm either bored or I want a new game that is short xD

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