34 Comments on “Coffee Shop $700+ Walkthrough/Tutorial”

  1. guys, if it's too fast, i'll tell u all what to do.
    1. first max all of the ingredients amounts (4,2,4)
    2. set price to 5 bucks for the first day, but u can experiment with other price range too.
    3. raise price in a steady pace, do not raise too fast or you'll lose customer amounts.
    4. keep fingers crossed for cold weathers, especially those sexy ones that's below 30 F*

  2. No wonder I kept on getting lower than $500! I made my price way too low! I did…
    First day: $1.50
    Freezing Day: $2.50
    Cold Day: $2
    Cool Day: $1.5
    Warm Day: $1

    Thank you for sharing! I guess I didn't use my brain for this game XD

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