23 Comments on “Comparison: NiGHTS for the Saturn vs. Xbox 360/PS3”

  1. I just noticed how many people mentioned the kids having double jumps when in actuality, they have a triple jump. With proper timing and momentum, the 3rd jump (which makes I somersault) can carry u quite far. I've had mines since 96 and got the Christmas demo in December of 97 and still play them from time to time. Love the classics and while the hd remake are awesome, the controls are aight so I use the dpad

  2. I'm so tardy to the party, but I gotta say I'm seeing a lot of whining, if the blocky look is all your after its got either version, I for one thought the music was still as awesome as ever, and not once did I think to myself, boy these controls sure do suck. I got through the game just fine. I mean we should be a bit more grateful that because of the RE release people who otherwise may not have gotten the experience of this game may have never got the chance. I'm ashamed, we're supposed to be NiGHTS fans are we not?

  3. This vid is spot on,I always play the Saturn version on the 360live instead of the hd version,the Saturn version controls r just way smoother just like ….well the origin Saturn title!

  4. I know when I got the PC version there was no 2 player versus 🙁 Maybe the console versions had that. I mean it wasn't the deepest 2 player mode but it was still fun. I got a few of my friends to play 2 player mode and we would always try are absolute best to win lol. Still love Nights into dreams to this day.

  5. I hate when they remake older 3d games on newer consoles because they always upscale it n enhance it and it ends up looking more like shit also takes away from the actual game feeling…. U got to know these older games were of a diff era where detail was limited specially due to the limited polygons n pixelation plus the the engineers still learning how to perfect 3D… If there gonna port or re release it they should port exactly the way it was 32bits but just higher reloution n sharper colors or wut…. Or if they want to turn it into 128 bit or higher they should add more detail because its gonna look more noticeable and like shit

  6. As happy as I am to be able to play this game more conveniently, I really do loathe some of the changes made, especially to the music, which is made even worse by the fact that the redone music tracks were the ones featured on the NiGHTS Perfect Soundtrack. And the Christmas NiGHTS mode is horribly gutted, with the Christmas presents matching game (and most of the bonuses unlocked this way) removed

  7. Nights for Sega Saturn is far away awesome than anyone, because hardware and software limitations made programmers and engineers to use they skills and feelings to make incredible games, such Nights. All diferences is cleary viewed: a Limited Sega Saturn´s hardware delivered more felling in Nights than any game console. It can be viewed in this video at 4:40 ( lightning comparison.)
    Blaze Hedgehog, tanks for this comparison. 

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