DAYS GONE – All 37 Minutes of Gameplay Trailers (New Open World Zombie Game) 2018

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DAYS GONE – All 37 Minutes of Gameplay Trailers Compilation (New Open World Zombie Game) 2018 PS4 Gameplay
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24 Comments on “DAYS GONE – All 37 Minutes of Gameplay Trailers (New Open World Zombie Game) 2018”

  1. This player is so stupid. What's the point of shooting at them and wasting ammo and Molotov's when there's thousands of them and there's no possible way you can kill them all. The only thing you can do is out run them. Every time he gets some distance from them he stops to shoot and allows them to catch up with him.

  2. Man I wish they'd release this on PC, so we could actually see this game above 30 FPS at max settings. Also, I really hope that making that much noise (while he's using the AK to attack the camp) will cause "Freakers" and other zombies to be drawn to that location.

  3. I really hope this main character is customizable and it reflects cut scenes, because it's one of the ugliest uninspired character design I've seen recently. Why would I want my player to look like some mechanic? If they were going for a biker look they need to reflect that in a cooler way, somewhat like Mad Max or something. This design sucks, I'll be the first one to say it.

  4. I really hope they increase the time dead bodies stay.
    When you look at the bridge from 34:00 onwards, you see that they disappear almost instantly, and after having this issue in hundreds of games I am losing my patience for it.
    Nothing rips you out of immersion as fast as just having slain 2 dozend enemies and not one drop of blood is left on the battlefield.

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