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  1. Nier and Become Human do crosspaths. Both talk about robo-sentience, what constitutes life, and overall what is the meaning of life. The difference to me is that Nier's approach, although just as "beat it over your head", is more abstract in it's description and references that it allows more debate. Become Human's approach is done in a much shorter and more linear style and it doesn't give as much room to breath and think about some things.

  2. Wow this shit was great. Great format, good discussion. It's nice that especially with a game with different outcomes that we can get three reviews in one. I also like how organized but open this was. It had a good flow but didn't seem scripted. Ya'll really got some good shit going on. Props – Otaku Jones

  3. this is a cool review format 1 suggestion maybe do like the first 5 minutes no spoilers so people who havent played it can get some idea. good video tho keep doin yall thing

  4. Yo was loving it till that android power concept. Even though you have the ability to do something, doesn't mean you can do something. Like cyborg he can't do everything he used to do or wants to. If you want peace and equality based on understanding and that bs then you can use brute force, if that makes sense

  5. I thought the game was amazing. And maybe the comparison of androids to black people was pretty shallow and noticeable. I think it did some what if a good job trying to get people to understand it. The Markus mission was my favorite. Simply because it gave you the chance to either be Malcom or Martin. I chose to be Malcom strictly on the bases that in real life I feel like being Martin hasn’t gotten us anywhere. So for me it was a little deeper than it should have been because I was comparing it to the real world. Next play through I’m going to try and be a pacifist and see if I can get the public opinion up high. By the end of the game they hated androids. But they won, which was something I wasn’t expecting. I thought after all if that it would have been for nothing. Like they were just going to destroy Detroit basically. But when the president said that it’s time to make room for new intelligence, I was actually very surprised. They won, and got to live their life how they wanted.

  6. I thought the game was very mediocre and pretentious, it was not a bad game but it won't show up on my Favorite Games List of 2018. The story overall i understood what David Cage was trying to do but then again i seen other properties (Westworld and Blade Runner) that has done the same exact idea but way better. I still think this falls short behind Heavy Rain but its alot better than Beyond Two Souls.

  7. I did not like the game because of it direct comparison between android labor and the slavery of black people in America, that was a false equivalence. The plot was also full of subliminal passive aggressive messages with the black characters. In conclusion androids are no different than smartphones or cars.

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