Diablo 3 OP Numlock Trick

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As my number 1 asked question on stream, it seemed time to make a guide. Learn how to do the numlock trick in seconds.

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23 Comments on “Diablo 3 OP Numlock Trick”

  1. This autocasts for me, but does not work when i move or use other skills. Ie Devour as Necro, when i move or use other skills like death nova it does not autocast, only when i stand still.

  2. 1:45 sorry to say Fluff .. but on a big brand Keyboard like Corsair you are able to remap keys. i have set my F12 to Numlock and another key to a NUMPAD number ^^. no need to spend that extra money ^^

  3. It only works with 1 numlock,i tryd pressing 124 at the same time then just click once num lock but nothing happends,even my numlock doesnt even go on,but when i press for example 1 and numlock once it works,how come?

  4. The moment you begin auto-casting MORE than 1 skill at a time, your account is at risk of becoming permanently banned.

    Blizzard allows macros that repeatedly casts 1 skill.
    It does not matter if that macro is from a Numlock on/off exploit, inbuilt keyboard macros or a program meant for it.

    Blizzard does NOT allow more than 1 skill on auto-cast.
    Use at own risk, and don't blame anyone but yourself when you get banned like the cheating pussy you are.

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