Dishonored 2 – All Trailers (2016)

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From the reveal trailer at E3 to the live action, here’s every frame of official Dishonored 2 footage we’ve seen so far.

Dishonored’s Story in 5 Minutes:

Everything You Need to Know about Dishonored 2:

33 Minutes of Dishonored 2: Royal Convservatory Non-Lethal Resolution Gameplay:

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36 Comments on “Dishonored 2 – All Trailers (2016)”

  1. With New Game +. All powers are available, no matter if you're Corvo or Emily. Not a mistake, a hint toward future play. You can play as either Corvo or Emily and acquire all powers from the other.

  2. Odd how all the trailers focus almost exclusively on the butchering, when the game clearly steers you towards the nonlethal path that good endings where your empire doesn't end up as a pile of corpses

  3. the outsider expects the worst of everyone until you prove him wrong… this is because everyone usually reacts wretchedly when given the chance … I find he's a gorgeous creation in the stories

  4. Ох. Обожаю голос Чужого в первой части и длс, надеялась, что актер озвучки не поменяется… Но нет(

  5. I love dishonored 2 but they cut corners on the zero video segments that were advertised as being Hollywood quality cgi in the trailers only to find the conceptual artwork slideshow being the video segments, I was pissed. I don't wanna see a slide show…..

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