Don’t Miss The Nintendo Switch Eshop Games On Sale Right Now

A new Nintendo Eshop sale is going on this week. While it doesn’t have a tentpole game like Arms in last week’s sale, it has some good deals on a handful of well-respected indies. There’s no indication when the prices will go back up, so jump on a game if you want it. Let’s get to it, shall we?

On the Nintendo Switch side of things, you can get The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth Plus for $32 instead of its usual $40. This game is like The Legend of Zelda meets Spelunky, with some dark biblical stuff thrown in for good measure.

The narrative-driven game Oxenfree is down to $5 (from $20). It’s about a group of teens who spend a weekend on an island, where supernatural events begin to occur. Another standout is the Metroid-style platformer Cave Story+, which is on sale for $24.

If you have friends over often, you can’t go wrong with The Jackbox Party Pack, on sale for $16. It has a mix of mini-games that lots of people can play together, using their phones or tablets as controllers.

Some other ones you might want to take a look at are the 2D-Zelda-like game Ittle Dew 2+ ($24), the dark, ultra-challenging platformer The End is Nigh ($12), the gravity-defying VVVVVV ($8), and the serpent platformer Snake Pass ($10).

On the 3DS side of things, there’s only one noteworthy game on the list, but it’s just a couple months old. It’s the time-bending JRPG Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology, and it’s on sale for $32.

Lots of other games are on sale too, so visit the Nintendo Eshop sale page for the full list.

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