Dragonball Fighters 2018 Leaked! New Dragonball Game (PS4, XBOX ONE, STEAM)

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This looks like what I expected Xenoverse and xenoverse 2 to be!
Dragonball Fighters 2018 has been accidently leaked by bandai well before E3.

Leaked Translation

Gohan’s Anger {SSJ2 Theme Remix}

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12 Comments on “Dragonball Fighters 2018 Leaked! New Dragonball Game (PS4, XBOX ONE, STEAM)”

  1. no xenoverse 3? 🙁
    why not on Nintendo switch?
    this is a 2.5 D game
    Nintendo switch can easy handle that game with hes low gflops power.
    All i want is a huge roster
    Db dbz dbs dbgt characters and able to transform during battle with epic clashes/beam struggle.

  2. This is done by ArcSystem. Creators of BlazBlue and Guilty Gear. Look at Guilty Gear Xrd or whatever it's called. The 2.5D models are great. Their games are great.

    If you're expecting a lot of characters you're going to be extremely disappointed. These sorts of fighting games succeed because every character is unique. I'd expect 20 characters max, because creating characters in these games that aren't clones take a lot of time. That doesn't make the game bad. If it sounds like what it is then this will be a hardcore fighting game like BlazBlue and Guilty Gear. This won't be a DBZ simulator. Get that thought out of your head now or you'll be extremely disappointed.

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