Dyrus Review/Reactions IMT vs TSM Game 1 – NA LCS 2016 Spring

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this video contains spoilers so watch at your own risk.
what in the world is going on in this…

40 Comments on “Dyrus Review/Reactions IMT vs TSM Game 1 – NA LCS 2016 Spring”

  1. do you think the triple ADC for IMT in the first game would have worked if, instead of Karma, they had picked a tank support? Karma seems like a strange pick here – not much synergy with adcs

  2. Dyrus, this is an honest question, why don't you make your own team to coach? you seem like a good coach that explains things easily but thoroughly. If there's a reason you don't want to I'd understand but I think you'd be a great coach.

  3. lol you watch vods like how I watch them…"Where's the kills??? Oh wait it's back here" XD Love your reviews man, really insightful and funny

  4. its good to hear from you doing something like this. i honestly became a TSM because of you Sir Dyrus. your analysis was both helpful and entertaining. i like how you explain critical parts of the game. and situation where fans may not understand. ARe you making anymore video review like this? pls do!!!

  5. "So they still have baron.. Oh, nope, no they don't…. So they don't have baron anymore." Haha laughcry emoji glad we figured that one out! Love you Dyrus, you're my senpai/waifu <4 My… Senpaifu?

  6. The big reason i don't like mobas is because i feel like its very narrow in what you have to do. There is some flexibility in what you can do, but in the professional scene, it seems like they have to do this or that. I don't fully understand

  7. You should do these kinds of videos more often, man! I am literally learning so much about how professional play is, and how I should be thinking in different roles when I play solo queue. Haha, no other video comes close to how informative this is for me! And, how in depth! Thanks Dyrus!

  8. Yeah sounds like you mad cause you're not on the team anymore and tsm's starting to do well again. Should sound more positive about a tsm win since you're a former member, not just claiming imt "threw the game and tsm had better comp" although those things did contribute, still pretty bm to only focus on those points.

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