Eden: The Game (by Channel 4) – iOS/Android – HD Gameplay Trailer

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Eden: The Game by Channel 4 (iOS/Android)

“What if we could start again?”

Find out for yourself in this, the official game of the series, Eden, where you must help your very own community grow on the same remote Scottish location.

You’re responsible for prioritising everything they must do every day; will you have them constructing more camp buildings? Farming? Hunting? Foraging?

Remember to keep the campfire burning brightly to keep morale up – and to customise and decorate the camp to make it feel more homely.

· Build a shelter, then a storehouse, kitchen, workshop – and much more
· Decorate your camp – upgrade your buildings, add paths, statues, showers, and many more items
· Tend to the camp pigs, chickens and cows.
· Manage the community’s limited supplies of water, crops, meat, fish, wood, stone etc.
· Farm, forage, hunt, fish, decorate & cook to keep the fire burning brightly and the camp happy
· Craft new…

18 Comments on “Eden: The Game (by Channel 4) – iOS/Android – HD Gameplay Trailer”

  1. I've been playing for a couple days, but haven't had seasons change and need to grow potatoes to make certain foods to keep the villagers happy. I've placed both of the fields available, but they will only grow salad. I'm not sure if playing on a Nox emulator might be messing something up or if I just haven't waited long enough. Help, please?

  2. does anyone know where to get shells through forageing – i know there are 3 types (leaves, rocks and sand dunes) but im not sure which provides the shells – ive just been inspecting sand and rocks but i cant find any

  3. Does anyone know how to survive "weather events" ? During a storm/blizzard etc the well being of the camp will drop to 0% and a symbol will appear on the camp fire which you can press but doesn't seem to do ANYTHING at all. There are no instructions in the app as to what this symbol means or what you need to do to survive a storm. Thanks.

  4. This is by far the worst version available at the moment for this type of game. I wouldn't suggest it to anyone. You can complete things with missing items by watching commercials. Every single commercial played looks more fun then this, even if they're the type of game I dislike playing.
    Stick to village life.

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