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ELEX vobiscum! Science Fantasy Open World RPG ELEX is Out Now on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation®4!

The RPG with a vast open world ties two popular settings together: Fantasy and Science Fiction. In the post-apocalyptic world of Magalan, players will encounter magic-using, sword-slinging Berserkers. Or Outlaws packed with shotguns, grenades and flamethrowers. And, of course, Clerics with their high-tech arsenal of laser weapons and giant War Mechs.

ELEX offers a huge, seamless open world, packed with quests and rewarding exploration opportunities. A deep character progression system allows players to create exactly the hero that they like.

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34 Comments on “ELEX – Launch Trailer”

  1. playing this game compared to playing other rpgs this one beats the rest its not top of line rpgs we have now but its still pretty damn good if you the time and effort to put into the game because its actually very rewarding and time consuming as well as experment with what kind of playthrough.Of course some stuff you have to figure out on your own but its awarding you as a result but farming shards is a bit hard from my perspective

  2. I saw this ad on a video, and thought I'd come over and say either your designers or your marketing team need replacing. But I can't tell which because this trailer is quite the mess.

  3. It is a flawed game, on the PS4 the framerate isn't steady nor fixed but by God does it have the balls to be an actual RPG again. Locking out quests/armor/items/abilities if you take one faction over the other is a ballsy move in 2017. Definitely akin to Morrowind with all the jank, but splendid world and atmosphere.

    This isn't like a watered down Skyrim and that's all I can ask for. Also the strange juxtaposition of walking in a fantasy setting and then suddenly seeing planes fly around you or seeing modern houses between the wilderness DEFINITELY makes exploration a joy.

  4. I mean, I'm hardly one to judge a game based on how it looks. But those facial animations, or rather the lack thereof, really threw me. Like some original Deus Ex shit, then again, Deus Ex is my favourite game of all time.

  5. It's so sad how this "game" is desperately trying to look cool, dynamic and up-to-date, if you look at any actual gameplay, you'll see it's still same old shit with disastrous animation, a "combat system" that will hurt your brain more than you hurt your opponents, laughable dialogues, billions of bugs and glitches, lack of polish and outdated mechanics. For 44.99, this qualifies at best as a sad joke.

  6. деревья тут как палки. стыдно должно быть разрабам выпускать такую игру с такой графикой в 2017 году! я большой поклонник готики 2 ночь ворона. не раз ее проходил полностью без читов. но ЭТУ брать не буду. от греха подальше

  7. Needs some better lip syncing and animation. Fire effects could use an upgrade but the enemies and setting look very interesting. Definitely has some potential.
    I'll be trying this out.

    I also love the fantasy and Science fiction mix.

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