Escape Alcatraz 1: Hints Galore

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Yay, having free IAP for this game helps a lot, by now I’d of given up if I didn’t have all those! Drop a like for the game and subscribe for more horribly gameplay by yours truly!

Comments about walkthrough’s = comment deletions, you’ve been warned

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35 Comments on “Escape Alcatraz 1: Hints Galore”

  1. for all of you who are mad about him not knowing about the game are wrong. The title did not say walk through it said the game title which means a gameplay. So think before you say things, idiots.

  2. the part where you gotta lock the cells and stuff kinda took me awhile but then I knew what you had to do I mean I knew but to lock you had– ok I'm out a here I don't even know how to explain this

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