EXTINCTION Review for Xbox One and PS4 – $60 for THIS? | RGT 85

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Extinction was a game that had my interest. Combining gameplay styles of Prince of Persia,…

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  1. This is exactly how people felt about MvCi. i love the game but my bias toward the series blinded me on how the lack of content and presentation was in the game…….my bad guys lol but still its a fun game, just the worst in the series

  2. The six fatal flaws with Extinction
    1) no armor sets
    2) no different weapons
    3) no characters creation
    4) all attacks are done with □ button
    5) no cut scenes
    6) really boring talking

  3. 2:22 – What, did you have the dialogue turned all the way down before playing this or something? There is voice acting during the whole game! I should know because I’ve looked at gameplay from this, both with and without commentary, and it clearly has voice overs playing with the dialogue. How the heck did you screw something like that up?

  4. I love your videos, but while complaining that there's a lot of repetition in the game (which is true), there's also a lot of repetition in a lot of what you say about the game 😉

  5. I checked the comments to see if anybody else had said this, and did not see anything about it, so I'll say it:
    Middleware refers to the engines and frameworks that game developers use to avoid creating everything from scratch themselves. It's a "middle" layer between the hardware and the actual game logic. Things like Unreal Engine for graphics, Havoc for physics, Euphoria for character animation and behavior, Bink for video encoding, etc. It does NOT refer to "AA" games, or games that are somewhere between indie and AAA, which is reflected in their retail price, being $30 ~ $40. A recent example of this kind of game is Yooka-Laylee from Playtonic.
    I like that you're doing game reviews now, and it clearly shows that you're a novice at it. There's lots of room for improvement in your reviews, and my advice to you goes specifically toward the correct use of industry terminology to avoid confusion and add much needed clarity to them. Others have pointed out other things to improve, which I also agree with. But don't get discouraged. Keep working on your style, and I'm sure your reviews will get a lot better! You can ask your friend SpawnWave for coaching and advice, since he's been doing this for far longer, and therefore is much better at it. Cheers!

  6. Love your vids so dont take this badly but i hate the intro, i skip it every time, if you removed it your vids might be a bit shorter so less ad revenue, but they would be better, just my opinion

  7. I love when my instincts turn out to be right. RGT 85, you're about my age, right? Been doing this as long as I have? Was the writing not on the wall for you with this one? I thought it looked uninteresting. Kinda like a single-player Sea of Thieves.

  8. I think IGN made a better review than you this time. IGN showed there’s actually animated cut scenes and (lame) voice acting whereas you did not show. And you should not repeat yourself so often. You mentioned how game sucked. Enough already. You dont have to repeatedly mention it.. and IGN did their review less than 10 minutes…
    just my two cents..

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