26 Comments on “F1 2016 Game Review – BEST F1 GAME EVER?”

  1. I played Championship Edition '06 by studio liverpool and then went back and played F1 2013. Honestly F1 2013 seemed older. Graphically they never really got it until recently and you would expect so with latest pc power and next gen consoles

  2. thank god this game has fov slider because without i couldn't use any cams because they feels weird as default. now I can use cockpit cam with -0.70 fov setting and it feels so much more natural than the default setting

  3. I would never buy a racing game without consulting what you have to say about it. I really like what you'r doing around racing games…Also I curse you on a regular basis because you are pretty fking skilled. Keep up the good work.

  4. For ME , this game is only missing the interviews after the race like we had in 2010. BUT , apart from that, is the best F1 game yet. The SC is a bit inconsistent , but still a great game !

  5. I'm finding it very difficult to go around corners with the xbox controller. Would you guys recommend getting a wheel/foot pedal? If so, which brands are good?

  6. they just responded to my feedback when i have 11 points this season about 8 races in and they told me i need to step my game up with renault when my team mate has 0 so hopefully that gets fixed

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