F1 2016 PS4 Gameplay – First Impressions!

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F1 2016 PS4 Gameplay – First Impressions! Gameplay for the actual game on PS4 and my first review of the game!
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35 Comments on “F1 2016 PS4 Gameplay – First Impressions!”

  1. My god this onboard cam is the worst, don't know how people can play with it ! But I'm still so hyped for this game, why can't I have it 3 days before his release damn it ?! πŸ™

  2. Day 1 patch hasn't been released yet (obviously!)… So it's not 100% the full game, yet!

    What are the rules like? I've asked so many YouTubers but I've seen no videos on it!

  3. hey alex I was wondering if you could you test the online features and connection as soon as possible, hopefully there good and maybe aor could make a return this year πŸ™‚

  4. Hey Alex, I would be really happy about a video where you give us an insight in how buggy the game is, because I pre-ordered F1 2015 and really lost the fun of playing it after a short time, because it was sooo buggy for me. I am thinking about getting F1 2016, but I don't want to experience such a bug-fest again πŸ˜€ Therefore I would appreciate this kind of video^^

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