Final Fantasy 15’s 170 GB PC Requirement “A Mistake,” Director Says

Final Fantasy XV is coming to PC. That was one of Square Enix’s big surprise announcements this week at Gamescom. But some fans have grown concerned about the fact that a press release for the game’s PC edition apparently said the title might require 170 GB of free space. 170 GB. Thankfully, it won’t be that large, as game director Hajime Tabata confirmed in an interview with Kotaku that the mention of 170 GB was a “mistake.”

“That was a mistake, actually,” Tabata said. “That was a communications mistake– something got put in a memo that really shouldn’t have. What that is [the specifications that went out to press] based on the specs that we’re running the demo on today.”

The final specs for Final Fantasy XV on PC have not yet been finalised, it seems. In the time between now and launch in early 2018, there is a “very good chance” that the specs will change, Tabata explained.

Final Fantasy XV for PC will be “more immersive than ever before,” Square Enix says. It will make use of a number of Nvidia graphics features, one of which is Nvidia Hairworks, which will make everyone’s hair look better, thank goodness.

Global brand manager Raio Mitsuno told PC Gamer that, gameplay-wise, Final Fantasy XV for PC will be essentially the same as console. But in the graphics department, as is often the case, PC players will get the best experience if they have a beefy enough rig.

“We can say now that Final Fantasy XV on PC supports native 4K and also up to 8K, as well as HDR 10,” Mitsuno explained. “But we haven’t really revealed anything like minimum specs yet because we’re developing at such a high end which means we can’t really define it with current standards now. At some point we will publish the recommended and minimum specs, but we can’t say exactly what they are at the moment.”

Tabata said in a press release that working with Nvidia, the team is going to be able to deliver a “stunning visual experience” with Final Fantasy XV on PC. “Nvidia pushes the pace of innovation in our industry, and that benefits gamers and developers alike,” he said.

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