Fortnite Trailer

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Epic Games is developing Fortnite, an expansive original world that invites players to be creative, resourceful and collaborative by day and defend their prized fortress by night … all utilizing the latest Unreal Engine technology.

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  1. ei pedali maikavi sha eba opravete si shibanata igra be mishki skapani i ne mi nurfaite one shot pompite be pedali da omrete v konclager i da va zlogat v kofa razdrobeni na chaste

  2. 6 years, that is a long fucking time. Then, I am glad that the developer did not rush making the game or any some sort of 'huge hype failure' like NMS
    That is a true dev right there

  3. This game was a joke from the start. 6 years later it might be here in 2017? Yes I mean to be offensive. In the time it took the devs to bring this game to life I could have raised a child who makes games faster than these Neanderthals can

  4. Honestly, I could care less about DayZ standalone and 7 days to die if this game turns out amazing!! I am perfectly fine with the DayZ mod, and honestly, I don't really have high hopes for the stand alone. And 7 days to die seems more of game were it gets popular for a week, then dies down very quickly. Just please, make this game MIND BLOWINGLY AMAZING. Please. 

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