Fun Cheat Codes on PC (Flying Car) | Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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↓ Most of the Cheat Codes! ↓
Super Jump (kangaroo)
Super Punch (iavenjq)
Suicide (goodbye cruel world)
Infinate Breath (cvwkxam)
Infinate Ammo (full clip)
Good Cars Spawn (everyone is rich)
Bad Cars Spawn (everyone is poor)
Invisible Car (wheels only please)
Flying Cars (chittychitty bangbang)
Flying Boats (flying fish)
E.T. Hop (cj phone home)
Reduce Traffic (ghost town)
Float Away (bubble cars)
Destroy All Cars (cpktnwt)
Aggressive Traffic (ylteicz)
Never Wanted (aezakmi)
Six Star Wanted Level (bring it on)
Elvis (blue suede shoes)
Riot (state of emergency)
Beach Party (cikgcgx)
Contract on CJ (bagowpg)
Slow Motion (slow it down)
Fast Motion (speed it up)
Spawn Tank (aiwprton)
Spawn Dozer (its a bull)
Spawn Limo (celebrity status)
Spawn Hydra (jump jet)
Spawn Monster Truck (monster mash)
Spawn Bloodring Banger (old speed demon)
Spawn Jetpack (rocket man)
Spawn Hunter (ohdude)
Spawn Vortex (kgggdkp)
Spawn Stunt Plane (flying to stunt)

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