Game Of Thrones Season 6 Finale Review “The Winds of Winter”

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John Rocha, Dennis Tzeng, Perri Nemiroff, Jonathan Voytko, and Avital Ash give their thoughts…

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  1. Didn't feel sorry for Tomlin. Cerise was his Mom, right or wrong that's your Mom. Not to mention letting any upstart priest, challenge you like that. He should've wiped out every one, who got in his way, from bringing his Mom, and Wife back.

  2. I know im suposed to see Cersei as a villain, but i cant now she's responsible for blowing up that douche of a high sparrow. Im so happy she killed him i dont even care who was killed in the crossfire.

  3. I don't think it was about the incest. I think the reason that Jaime gave Cersei that look was because she did the exact thing that Jaime killed the Mad King to prevent.

  4. I just thought of something. By now we know that the show doesnt use characters from the books unless they work to move the story along. What i thought of is that, If Cat is never coming back as LS, Arya is going to fill that spot of killing evertone she comes across that is related even a little, to the red wedding.

  5. Margaerys not on the same level of cersei? Margery was way smarter and nobody could have predicted cersei would do that other than Margery. Do u guys really see cersei blowing up the sept as a smart move? She just made another house her enemy and jamies gonna kill her so..

  6. I think Sansa didn't tell Jon about Little Finger because she didn't want to explain who he was. I also think she had another agenda, not only was she willing to sacrifice Rickon, but Jon as well.

  7. I'd love to see you guys do episode 8 of season 5 when the wildlongs fall and when the wildlongs assault the wall. they were a couple of my favorite. wouldn't mind seeing you from the beginning. going back maybe you just do one show for each season.

  8. In my imaginary/dream world, Arya did kill Jamie and is wearing his face (which is why she studied him so much at the Frey dinner), is in K-Landing and about to kill Cersei! Not likely but I do really enjoy imagining it!

  9. i think i got at least 6 goosbumps moments through out that episode haha. Deng I hope the King Khaleesi chooses if she wins the 7 kingdoms is John Snow. It would be epic haha

  10. something just keeps coming in to my mind. The different peoples. Dothraki, wildlings, Dorne, Red priestesses and priests, dornish…and the SEVEN. Maybe they represent the seven that have to come together. Crones could def be the red priestesses….we know they are really just old ladies…Jaqen H'ghar is death and champion is Arya, the mother can be Dani….see where this is going? Each aspect has its champion. I won't even say god. Its like Dany said…the wheel….

  11. its going to take the honor, pure to leave behind all the games, in order to fight the dead. Thrones will not matter in the great war. Thats why Jon is the hero. He doesnt want a throne. He wants to fight for the living.

  12. Melisandre still has a role to play. She will take word south of Jon Snow, his resurrection, his war with the night king, his ability to bring people together and that he is a good warrior.

  13. I never got the impression that The Mountain raped the nun. I think he'll just stand watch over her, just like the nun did with Cersei. His face is horrible enough to look at, and he can probably stand there day and night.

  14. Maybe the number of hits you have is an illusion: people I know dislike being talked at and like myself turn you off within the first few seconds. It is high time that Youtube create a true visit score that includes length as well as number.

  15. I didn't read the books, but I want season 7 to deal with Cersei and the iron throne and the last season to deal with the ice bad guys and their undead army (sorry for my ignorance).

  16. re: dany being the opposite of jon snow because jon wouldn't be able to prioritise duty over love – ygritte disagrees.
    though i genuinely don't think dany did ever love daario. ALL the talk has always been about how HE loves HER, not the other way round. even in the scene with tyrion she says "i said farewell to a man who i know loves me and felt nothing" – but when has she ever displayed that she loved him in return?
    she had fun with him as a much needed stress release and human side, but that's not the same. i think dany's more than capable of love, it just wasn't the case with daario.

  17. another thing is u guys don't seem to be registering the passage of time within each individual storyline (and the fact that they're not happening in synch – e.g. jon was only dead for 1 day before he was ressurrected, then he killed the traitors and prepared to leave the next day but sansa showed up – that took 4 episodes of jon's story occuring over 2-3 days, but sansa traveled on foot and then horse for weeks….)
    sansa can't be pregnant with ramsey's baby because she hadn't slept with him in MONTHS by the time of the battle – from traveling all the way to castle black to reach jon, then convincing him to not only fight but send word to blackfish and receive a negative reply from brienne, and then spending the necessary months to tour the HUGE vastness of the north in the snow to recruit the houses…..she'd be close to popping by now.
    also – time has passed between the sept of baelor blowing up and oleanna traveling down to dorne. (but the riverrun scenes occurred much earlier in the timeline, because jaime only arrived back while the sept was still smoking and cersei was wearing the same outfit for her coronation).

    my point being that the storylines are not happening in synch with each other, which you sort of need to bear in mind.

  18. cersei ordered tommen's body to be burned and his ashes buried in the ruin of the sept to be WITH the rest of their family – they were all buried in the sept as the royal family and cersei had just gone and blown that mother up. that's why qyburn was like "ehhhhh…..what do we do here?"
    it was respectful, and cersei's last act of love for a child in granting him to rest in peace…..not at all resentful or even apathetic. (i'm surprised how many people misinterpreted this scene – you can see the slightest tears forming in lena's eyes. cersei's still grieving her son, she just expected and accepted this would happen after myrcella)

  19. Targaryens married within the family to keep the bloodline "pure". Remember, they are the last people of Valyria. Jaime and Cersei simply loved each other. Both cases are crazy incest with monster consequences. Poor Jaime, the love of his life, Cersei, has lost her marbles. But you gotta hand it to Cersei, she wasn't afraid to use the nucler codes. Hard to negotiate with someone like that.

  20. Perhaps, Pycelle had to die in that way for if he's allowed to go to the Sept and die along with the others, he would've busted Cersei's plan and warned all the people the moment Margaery sensed that something was wrong. Pycelle knew about the wildfire for he served the Mad King.

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