21 Comments on “Gerald’s Game – Movie Review”

  1. Adapting source material should always only be about capturing feels and images from verbal or written stories and accurately, meaningfully and visually transition to film but also make us want go stay and glad we did like we were reading or hearing it…

  2. I was curious to know if the book had the same ending as the movie. It does, huh? The ending is just wrong for this movie, and kind of pointless. Film should be re-cut, just to leave a bit of supernatural mystery hanging there. Gerald's Game as it is: B. Re-cut version that doesn't exist: A

  3. it reminded me of that movie with ryan reynolds in that coffin..i think it was Buried…but only this situation she was cuffed to a bed…but yeah i got thinking the whole time of it also being saw (2004) lol but she doesnt cut her hands off

  4. Read the book in 07, great adaptation, surprisingly. I feel like when you adapt a film from a book I think the most important thing to do is stay true to the source material. If you make changes hopefully they don’t change who the character was or what they stood for.

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