God of War’s First 3 Hours Are More Emotional Than We Expected – Hands-on Impressions

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We played through the opening of God of War for PS4, and walked away incredibly impressed.


26 Comments on “God of War’s First 3 Hours Are More Emotional Than We Expected – Hands-on Impressions”

  1. Why are IGN so consistently lazy? Throwing out the dark souls comparison because the game isnt a hack and slash anymore. If anything the combat resembles the cinematic style of the last of us or hellblade.

  2. Got a dude with no kids talking about being a father? Give me a break. Plz stick to what u are good at and tell us how it made you feel. Then when we play it we can see if that is how it affected us.

  3. This game is much like Die Hard 4: Add a brat son and make it PG 13 to try and make Money. Kratos is NOT a babysitter and as a die hard fan I will NOT be getting this game. Save up for Dark Souls Remastered please.

  4. this looks actually worse than I thought. Fk man. God of War was my favorite Playstation IP. Especially the Dark Souls comment makes me wanna dodge that game. This video has convinced me to not buy it. Which is really sad, since I was looking forward to a new God of War.

  5. "instead of a burden to escort" you've played 2-3 hours of the game, which supposedly clocks in at 15 hours main campaign. How can you make such quick assumptions? Wait to you've played 8 hours of the game and then tell me if he is a burden to escort..

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