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Part two of my GT Sport Beta review, this time covering my thoughts and impressions of the…

23 Comments on “GT SPORT [PS4] REVIEW Part #2 – PHYSICS & CAMERAS”

  1. you can actually change the option in chasing cam. I don't remember whether is it include in demo since I mostly use cockpit cam during the game, but I saw those option in their close beta test 1.06.

  2. I like playing my racing games with steering wheels.
    I have for Xbox one and PS4 both Logitech.
    I like sim style, I also like to be able to paint the car and put any decals I want like in the Forza series. I hope GT sports let us do that.
    Another thing I look forward in racing games is to be able to drive from a everyday day car all the way to F1 cars. That's all I ask.

  3. The thing I always hated about GT and other racing games its the fact that they don't let you chose between RHD or LHD … yes by default they put the car steering side of the country they are built, but they pretty much have all their cars in RHD or LHD in the world …

    When I am in first person view, it bothers me to have a RHD when I always driven LHD … I don't think it should be that hard to put this choice in the games …

  4. I like gamepad controllers for some reason, the way they look and feel, they're like beautiful toys lol. I completely understand wheels are more immersive but still, controllers are more fun for me too.

  5. Great videos – thank you. Just out of curiosity. When you are using the in-car camera, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of screen-vibration. It's as if you are driving on undulating, but perfectly smooth surfaces. Whenever I've driven on a real track, it's never been that way. Is that how it feels to you (or am I missing something)?

  6. Nice reviews, bro!
    Actually, the first three installments of the series didn´t use the "rigid" third person camera and i finished and loved them at the time.
    On the fourth debut and all the subsequent ones, they started using this and i remenber the polyphony guys saying that this type of camera increased the sense of speed.
    Well, stopped playing the series after that and migrated to Forza.
    So you can imagine how much i love this plastered camera…

  7. I primarily use bonnet camera, but GT has never done a good job with this. Many vehicle have this camera on the bloody roof! I wish they'd fix it, it hurts the immersion factor for a lot of vehicle

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