GTA 5 Cheats – 23 Cheat Codes For Xbox 360 and PS3! (Grand Theft Auto 5)

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This video includes all the current cheat codes in Grand Theft Auto 5, check below for all the names of the cheats and what time in the video they start, I hope you enjoy and remember not to save when using them because they will deactivate your achievements and trophy’s.
Buzzard: 3:09
Caddy: 3:27
Comet 3:43
Duster: 3:59
Limo: 4:14
Parachute: 4:30
PCJ-600: 4:46
Sanchez: 5:06
Rapid GT: 5:19
Stunt Plane: 5:36
Trashmaster: 5:51

Fast Run: 0:54
Raise Wanted Level: 1:13
Lower Wanted Level: 1:22
Recharge Ability: 1:36
Explosive Ammo: 1:50
Faster Swimming: 2:06
Explosive Melee: 2:21
Slow-Motion Aim: 2:24
Slidey Cars: 2:28
Skyfall: 6:08
Drunk Mode: 6:28
Slow-Motion Mode: 6:46
Change Weather: 7:15

Background Music: Foxes – Youth (Adventure Club Remix)

Nightwing (Me)


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