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  1. So…I guess I either never really knew what this game was like (thought it was more Arma, DayZ, or Rust style)…or it changed drastically over the last 5 years in an effort to adapt to the changing interests of gamers… Eh, either way, doesn't look as bad as I originally thought, still nothing special though.

  2. This game…was gonna be a cool zombie survival, then it was gonna be Rust, now it's just Pubg. And before you go and give me a chronological break down of H1Z1, I already know. But it doesn't matter if you're first if nobody even knows about you.

  3. This is one of the worst reviews I've ever seen. First person h1z1 lol. Clearly the reviewer played for like two hours. If I had to review this video. I'd give it a 2 star…

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