INFERNIUM Review for Switch/PS4/Steam – The Strangest Game Ever? | RGT 85

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INFERNIUM is a new horror game released on the Switch, PS4 and Steam. In this review, we take a…

38 Comments on “INFERNIUM Review for Switch/PS4/Steam – The Strangest Game Ever? | RGT 85”

  1. I really like obscure games that don't hold your hand too much. I like figuring out things for myself and feeling accomplished when I make it to the end so I think this game may be for me. I imagine it will be on sale for PS4 eventually and if I have my backlog cleared out a bit I may pick it up.

  2. I am sorry i don't want to offend you but I as an individual can't listen to your opinion if you haven't even completed the game.No offence towards you but i believe that you can't judge the game if you don't see it's end credits.Just my piece still love u <3

  3. Switch Switch Switch fu*king Switch again.. Yes i know you have PS4 on the title but it even annoys me that have to put a pic up the Switch… Dude they are people on your page that want Sony and Microsoft content you know..

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